Hulutang is comitted to delivering Quality outreach programs in educational settings, from primary Schools to universities, from introductory lectures on Daoist philosophy to term time Kung Fu Clubs and Holiday Camps.  

Hulutang creates programs with Daoist philosophies that encourages living with nature and impart useful life skills and healthy bodies. Our workshops, after school kungfu clubs and camps enable young people to be strong in who they are, to question the world, and to tap into their potential. Our aim is to lay a solid foundation with virtues for their life paths.

Subjects covered as part of outreach programs include

After School Kung Fu Club

lion dance workshop

Dragon dance workshop

Kung Fu workshop

Holiday camp

Outreach programs 2023/24

Hulutang deliver exciting and informative culture experiences aimed at giving young people the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of the world and  stimulates mind expansion. A refreshing antidote the the high tech super fast world we live in.